23rd March 2019

Exploring the visual languages of Abu Dhabi

From its Bedouin past as a modest fishing and pearl diving port to the discovery and production of oil, Abu Dhabi is a city of cultural diversity and inspiration.

This month Heath Pedrola was in Abu Dhabi to research the city’s fascinating blend of history, culture and architecture. With a combination of international influences and a strong commitment to local tradition, Abu Dhabi has created an intriguing mix of new and old.

Among the many places visited, the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque stood out as a highlight. Completed in 2007 it has 82 domes and over 1000 columns and can accommodate 41,000 worshippers. The Grand Mosque is adorned with delicate stonework, colourful mosaics, gold leaf lettering, calligraphic inscriptions and intricate floral carpets.